How to Switch to a Career in Tech During the Global Pandemic

9 December 2020 6:00 pm LT Online UI Design , UX Design

This is a recording of our exclusive webinar “Ask alumni: How do you switch to a career in tech during the global pandemic?” which took place on December 9, 2020. We were joined by four alumni who successfully transformed their careers during the pandemic, landing awesome jobs in their chosen fields.

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They shed light on how they were able to stay motivated during this unprecedented time, and offered tips, tricks, and advice on everything from acing remote job interviews to studying and working from home.

We also covered:

  • Networking remotely
  • Time management
  • Remote onboarding as a new start
  • Making use of the CareerFoundry community

…and so much more!

About the speakers

Martha Miller transitioned to UX design after her job as a graphic designer at a newspaper was eliminated, and she dove right into the UI course at CareerFoundry. She now works as a UX/UI designer at The Artcraft Group in Pennsylvania.

Michael Richter is a former graphic designer and a CareerFoundry UI design graduate who landed a job during the pandemic after doing all his interviews remotely. He now works as a UX/UI Designer at dvhaus Software & Solutions based in Munich.

Opera singer turned UX designer Julie Marx pursued a career in UX design after moving to Germany from The States. She now works full time as a design intern for reev in Munich, and is loving her new role despite being remote.

Flora Kiss transitioned into UX design after 15 years as a graphic designer, and now works remotely for EasyPeasy, a startup based in London.

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