How I Became a Design Experience Analyst After the UX Design Program!

17 May 2022 5:00 pm Online UI Design , UX Design
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So what jobs can you land after taking the CareerFoundry UX Design Program?

Check out this recording of a LIVE event with Bridget Wu a CareerFoundry UX design graduate who can speak from experience!

Bridget landed a job as a Design Experience Analyst at Accenture after completing the CareerFoundry UX Design Program.

Bridget has a wealth of experience with a professional background in both fashion design and production; fusing creativity with analytical thinking to deliver intuitive and delightful solutions for the people that interact with her digital products.

In this interview she shares her inspiring career-change journey with CareerFoundry Career Specialist, Gayla Thompson—and you can be a fly on the wall!

You’ll learn:

– How Bridget leveraged her prior work experience to land her current role
– What it’s really like to be a student at CareerFoundry
– What you can do to identify your own unique value and transfer it to the field of UX design
– Some proven steps you can take to not only land a UX design job, but to excel and progress in the field

If you’re thinking about a career in UX design, this event is not to be missed!

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Career Change LIVE Interview

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Gayla Thompson

Senior UX Researcher at Elsevier

Gayla Thompson is a Senior UX Researcher based in New York City. A former school principal and leadership coach, she transitioned into the world of UX/UI design and is now working at Elsevier.

Bridget Wu

Bridget Wu

Design Experience Analyst

Bridget Wu is a New York-based UX/UI Designer with a background in fashion. She enjoys fusing creativity with analytical thinking to deliver intuitive and accessible solutions for all users. She is currently a part of the Digital Products team at Accenture.