How I Landed a Job as a Product Designer After a UI Bootcamp (with Florian Bölter)

19 April 2022 6:00 pm Online UI Design
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Is it possible to land a job as a Product Designer after taking a UI design course?


In this interview, CareerFoundry graduate Florian Bölter explains his journey in UI design and shares his advice for aspiring designers looking to break into the industry.

If you’re considering UI design as a future career path, this event is definitely for you!

At this stage you’ve probably got questions about the job market, what kinds of roles await you, and, perhaps most important of all, how do you go about landing your first UI design job?

Thankfully Florian is also joined by CareerFoundry mentor Kim Steindel, a Senior UX Designer who specializes in UX research, audits, and customer journey analysis.

Having worked with over 60 companies, Kim has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of different markets and industries—especially in the e-commerce and tech sectors.

During the interview Florian and Kim discuss the CareerFoundry UI Design Program, transferable skills, Florian’s path to UI design, and the importance of a compelling portfolio in your job search.

A career in UI design can be fun, fascinating, and highly rewarding (both financially and intellectually).

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Featured presenters

Florian Bölter

Florian Bölter

Product Designer

Florian Bölter is a product designer with a startup called Heygo where he is actively bringing users, stakeholders and business needs together. His original background is in German literature but he found his way into design through a detour in product management.


Kim N. Steindel

UX Designer

Other than traveling the world for food, Kim specializes in helping people land UX/UI jobs in companies they care about. He has worked for corporations such as Apple, Blizzard Entertainment, Airbnb, and Microsoft, before founding his own UX design company in Ireland, where he helps solopreneurs and e-commerce companies with their digital footprint.