How I Went From a Career in Content Creation to UX Design!

7 December 2022 5:00 pm Online UI Design , UX Design
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Are you thinking about making the leap into an exciting career in UX design?

If so, why not check out this recording of a live online event with CareerFoundry UX design graduate John-Erik.

If anyone has some razor-sharp career advice, it’s John-Erik.

He’s an artist and designer – turned video editor – turned copywriter – turned marketer – turned magazine editor – turned designer (again!).

John-Erik is passionate about digging in and inhabiting a problem space instead of rushing to conclusions. This approach has proven incredibly effective when synthesizing data into insightful features that enhance user experiences.

In this interview John-Erik discusses his experiences on CareerFoundry’s UX Design Program, transferable skills, the importance of a UX portfolio in your job search, and the dual mentorship support that CareerFoundry offers all students.

Interested in learning networking tips, and how John-Erik handled the additional challenge of transitioning to a new career during a global pandemic? Then this event is definitely for you!

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Ed Wood

Edward Wood

CMO at CareerFoundry

Edward Wood is the CMO at CareerFoundry. Prior to working at CareerFoundry, he developed his career at Babbel, the language learning app, where he created and scaled some of their most successful marketing channels.

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John-Erik Jordan

UX designer at INPERA

John-Erik Jordan is a UX Designer with a background in fine art, EdTech, and content marketing. He's a problem-loving generalist who thrives on the rollercoaster energy of early-stage startups. As part of the product team at Inpera GmbH, he's currently working to make the construction industry more efficient, transparent and ESG compliant.