How to make a successful career change

9 April 2024 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Data Analytics , Digital Marketing , Product Design , Product Management , UI Design , UX Design , Web Development
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Are you ready for a career change but don’t know where to start?

Then, you’re in the right place!

Check out this recording of a live event with Susan Clark, a seasoned career coach, and discover how to take the first steps towards your dream job.

In this hour-long session, we covered:

– Finding your purpose: Use the powerful concept of ikigai to determine the best fit for you. You’ll gain clarity on the intersection of passion, mission, vocation, and profession.

– Crafting your action plan: Create a personalized roadmap tailored to your availability and commitments, ensuring meaningful progress towards your career goals.

– Investing in education and upskilling: Equipping yourself with the knowledge and expertise demanded is the cornerstone of any career change.

– Gaining experience: Acquiring valuable experience through freelance or volunteer projects will set you apart from other candidates.

– Showcasing your talent: Master the art of developing a standout portfolio that effectively highlights your capabilities and accomplishments.

– Expanding your network: Learn effective techniques to connect with industry professionals, mentors, and potential collaborators who can support your career growth.

– Nailing your job applications: Discover how to tailor your approach to the job hunt to ensure that your applications stand out amidst the competition.

This recording is for anyone who wants to make a career change – regardless of your background or age.

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Susan Clark

Career Coach

Susan is an international career coach that focuses on confidence building and empowering others to achieve their professional objectives. She’s helped hundreds of people step into their power and successfully change their careers. Culturally competent, Susan has lived in 4 countries and has worked with over 25+ different nationalities. She specialises in coaching career changers and helping immigrants adjust to their local job markets. Susan is based in Europe and lives with her two cats.