How to Network Like a Pro

4 March 2021 6:30 pm Online Career Change

Do you want to learn tried-and-tested networking strategies? Do you want to get better at building industry connections? Then check out this video.

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Networking is crucial, no matter what field you’re in. But, as we all know, it can be tricky to get started—and to do it with confidence. If networking is your Achilles’ heel, or just something you want to get better at, then this video will help. We recently held an interactive workshop on the art of networking, in collaboration with career specialist and all-round networking expert Jeffrey Coleman.

In this action-packed session, Jeffrey shares actionable tips and strategies which you can implement right away. Here’s what’s covered:

  • Proven strategies for networking both online and offline
  • How to engage with different platforms
  • How to foster deeper engagement within your desired communities
  • Handling rejection and overcoming constraints
  • Attending the “right” events and getting the most out of them from a networking perspective

By the end of this video, you’ll know how to adapt your networking strategy to different platforms and, most importantly, you’ll be ready to network confidently and effectively.

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Portrait picture of Jeffrey Paul Coleman

Jeffrey Paul Coleman

Career Specialist at CareerFoundry & Career Coach

Jeffrey's career started reading books. When he realized his fascination with teaching and medieval history was less related to the academic setting and more to the joy of learning the stories of others, he entered the working world of NYC and found opportunity to meet more people across various industries. He worked as a caterer, film intern, tutor, Ops Specialist, and UX/Product Recruiter before moving to France in Jan 2020 with wife & daughter to expand his network further! (That's right: he wanted to learn more the stories of other people and help them on their way.) With previous work scaling several Mentorship Groups, co-organizing 20+ events, and volunteering in support of multiple non-profits, he has felt tangibly the benefits of investing in community. Now a career specialist at CareerFoundry, Jeffrey enjoys empowering others every day and looks forward to sharing with you "networking" tactics & strategies that can help you get where you want to go and maybe make some friends along the way too.