How to Write Inclusive Copy

10 July 2023 5:00 pm Online UI Design , UX Design
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Are you tired of writing copy that inadvertently excludes certain groups of people?

Do you want to learn how to write inclusive copy that speaks to everyone?

Look no further – check out this recording of a CareerFoundry LIVE event with Senior UX Writer at HelloFresh, Emerson Schroeter!

During this session, Emerson will guide you through the basics of inclusive writing, from understanding what inclusion means and why it matters, to identifying examples of writing that excludes people.

Emerson will share their expertise and provide tips for growing your inclusive writing practice, so you can confidently create copy that resonates with everyone.

This event is perfect for writers of all levels, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your existing skills.

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Emerson Schroeter

Emerson Schroeter

Senior UX Writer at HelloFresh

Emerson is a Berlin-based UX writer, plant dad, and cat servant. As a Senior UX Writer at HelloFresh, they're obsessed with inclusive and accessible design and spend (part of) their free time conspiring with Better Standards Club to find new ways to help other people raise their design standards