Inspirational Women in Tech: CareerFoundry Expert Mentor Panel

31 March 2021 6:00 pm LT Online UI Design , UX Design , Web Development

To round off Women’s History Month, we hosted a live expert panel with three of CareerFoundry’s most esteemed mentors: Selma Ndi, an award-winning full-stack developer, Terri Rodriguez-Hong, a seasoned UX/UI designer from Silicon Valley, and Lila Kydd Schlomkowitz, an accomplished designer and digital branding expert.

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In this video, our experts share their personal experiences, insights, and advice, covering topics such as:

  • How to promote and encourage gender diversity in tech
  • The art of putting together a winning resumé
  • Tips for negotiating your salary in the tech industry
  • The importance of communication and storytelling
  • Imposter syndrome (and how to overcome it)

By the end of this video, you’ll have gained insight into what it’s like to work in the tech industry, together with invaluable advice from experts in the field. Extremely useful if you’re thinking about a career in tech!

About the speakers:

Selma Ndi 

Selma is an award-winning full-stack web developer (& M.B.A.) with an accountant’s eye, an administrator’s voice, and a developer’s mind. A get-it-done and get-it-done-well kind of woman. I am even more passionate about training and mentoring girls in/into tech.

Terri Rodriguez-Hong 

Terri is a UX/UI designer from Silicon Valley who bridges the gap with products to be accessible for all users. She helps run a podcast called ‘Ramblings of a Designer’ and has earned her MFA from the University of Hawaii, where the Aloha spirit profoundly influenced her. She wholeheartedly believes accessibility is everything and loves to connect the dots between the company and the end-user. 

Lila Kydd Schlomkowitz

Lila is a dynamic and accomplished design professional with 15 years of experience in New York City, Brooklyn, and San Francisco. She has a history of successful brand building, content and user interface design, and digital strategy. Her breadth of experience allows her to be a cross-functional, adaptable and transformational leader with the ability to rapidly plug in to an organization and drive meaningful business impact. She thrives on creativity and is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their vision. She loves traveling, the ocean, and always aims to find the humor in life.


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