Introduction to Design Thinking

22 January 2021 6:00 pm LT Online UX Design

Design thinking is all about solving complex problems in creative, user-centric ways. It’ll help you think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions—no matter what kind of challenges you face. But what exactly does this buzzword mean? And how is it applied to real-world scenarios?

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We’ve teamed up with designer, writer, and digital nomad Camren Browne to bring you the ultimate introduction to design thinking. In this interactive live webinar, we covered:

• What is design thinking? A working definition
• The design thinking process and all the steps involved
• The value of design thinking and why it’s useful
• The contexts in which design thinking is especially useful
• The relationship between user experience (UX) design and design thinking
• Design thinking in action: Real-world case studies

This webinar is ideal for anyone interested in learning new and creative ways to come up with ideas and solve problems—both within the design world and in a broader business context.

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Camren Micheal Browne

UX Designer and Tutor

Camren Michael Browne is a designer, writer, and father. He quit his job six years ago to become a digital nomad after the birth of his daughter, who has been to six countries before the age of six months. Camren’s passion resides in helping people achieve their greatest state of being, as well as achieving his own.

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