Job search tips for aspiring design professionals

7 May 2024 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Product Design , UI Design , UX Design
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Eager to land a job in the fascinating world of design?

Don’t miss this exclusive session with Florian Bölter, Staff Product Designer at Juro and Founder of Open Doors.

Check out the recording to gain the expert strategies you need to succeed. Discover essential job search tips that will elevate your career journey to new heights. Florian delved into key areas like:

– General Guidance: Learn how to identify your strengths and apply deliberate strategies in your job search. Master the art of showcasing your unique skills and stand out in a competitive market.
– Crafting Your Resume: Unlock the secrets to crafting a winning resume formula specifically tailored for design roles. Gain practical tips to highlight your experience effectively, ensuring it shines brightly to potential recruiters.
– Perfecting Your Portfolio: Florian shared actionable advice and effective improvements to make your portfolio stand out. Learn the essential elements of a compelling case study that captivates employers’ attention.

Whether you’re already enrolled in a program or looking to transition into the design field, this recording is packed with valuable insights that will boost your career prospects.

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Florian Bölter

Florian Bölter

Staff Product Designer at Juro

Florian Bölter is a Staff Product Designer at Juro where he actively brings users, stakeholders, and business needs together. Originally he studied German literature, but found his way into design through a detour into product management.