Learn How I Solved a BBC UX Design Challenge (with Sara Lowry)

11 January 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , UI Design , UX Design
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Design can already be an uphill climb—so what happens when work gives you an official ‘challenge’?

In this recording, CareerFoundry UX design graduate and UX Designer at the BBC, Sara Lowry, shares her professional journey and tips on preparing (and acing) anything your company may throw at you!

In this hour-long event, Sara will walk you through what a design challenge could look like and what hers called for.

She’ll share her results and thought process, which ultimately launched her from junior to mid-level UX designer.

Learn about a diverse set of potential UX challenges, including how to prepare, what to do in a white board or take-home test, and what happens if you ultimately decide against tackling the task.

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Sara Lowry

Sara Lowry

UX designer at the BBC

Sara Lowry is a UX Designer, with a background in psychology and sales. She is currently working at the BBC, where she was initially placed in the iPlayer team but has recently moved over to the news team. Sara completed the CareerFoundry UX Design Program in 2021 after a friend suggested UX design could be a good fit for her. She is enjoying her current role very much and is excited to see where UX design will take her next!