LIVE Interview with Norman Wollaston

28 May 2021 3:00 am LT Online UX Design

Want to hear firsthand what it’s like to study UX from scratch and start a new career as a designer? Then watch this video of our live interview with UX designer and CareerFoundry graduate Norman Wollaston.

Before starting his career in tech, Norman worked in the hospitality industry. Working two jobs, he was motivated to change careers. He began experimenting with design tools and learning some key theory, before signing up for the CareerFoundry UX Design Program.

Norman now works as a UX designer at CDK Global, a leading provider of data and technology solutions. So, how did he land the job? How was his experience with the CareerFoundry program, and what advice does he have for aspiring designers and career-changers? In this one-of-a-kind interview, Norman will share insights and advice on:

  • Studying UX design with CareerFoundry
  • Building and developing a professional UX portfolio
  • Networking and job-hunting as a newcomer to the field
  • What it’s like to work as a UX designer

If you’re preparing to search for your first UX design job, or if you’re considering a career change, this interview will give you an honest glimpse into the process. We hope to see you there!

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About the speakers:

Norman Wollaston, UX designer at CDK Global: As a server who worked two jobs, I was motivated to change my career path. I wanted to get into the tech field and began educating myself with standard design tools and design practices. Though I learned a lot on my own, I felt that getting more educated would help better my chances of succeeding in my goals. I signed up with CF and began studying UX. After completing my courses, I began searching for open opportunities while the world began to shut down (Covid-19). Although it was challenging and with growing discouragement, I was able to land a position at the end of the summer of 2020. I have now been with my company for 9 to 10 months with a great team, who I learn from and vice versa.

Samantha Gardner, career specialist at CareerFoundry: Sami Gardner is an experienced educator who has spent the last five years researching, teaching, and speaking on career development, branding, and LinkedIn. Every day professionals and Silicon Valley startups have utilized her diverse skills and insights into the job market, LinkedIn marketing, and professional branding. With a Master’s in Library and Information Science, she combines a research and instruction skillset with practical experience gained through organizing events like the TRANS*FORM Employment Expo, hosting the Career Kickstart podcast, and writing the Job Prep curriculum for Europe’s #1 tech boot camp. She has trained job seekers, freelancers, and companies on how to use LinkedIn at international conferences and speaking engagements in Lisbon, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Medellin.

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