My Journey From Beginner to Data Professional

25 October 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , Data Analytics
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Are you curious about making a career change into data analytics, particularly if you’re past your 20s?

If this resonates with you, watch this inspiring interview with CareerFoundry graduate Julian Were, who currently works as a Data Analyst at CBRE, a global company focused on real estate services and investments.

In this hour-long session, you’ll learn:

– An impressive career change journey at 30: Julian shared his personal story, discussing the reason behind his career change, the challenges he encountered along the way and how he overcame them, how he developed new skills, and furthermore how he found his passion in data analytics. 

– The power of data analytics: Julian provided an overview of the field, its importance in today’s data-driven world, and how it can be a promising career choice.

– How to get started: We shared some practical advice for anyone looking to break into data analytics, from learning resources to actionable steps. Julian also shared his experience with CareerFoundry’s Data Analytics Program.

This recording is a must-watch for those who are thinking about taking the leap into data analytics, regardless of your background or age – Julian is a good proof of that!

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Julian Were

Data Analyst at CBRE

Julian is a data analyst with a diverse professional background. He has an interest in narrative art and enjoys interpreting stories that are told visually. As such, creative data visualisation is where his strengths lie.