This UX design portfolio landed me a job at the BBC!

6 September 2022 5:00 pm Online UI Design , UX Design
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So you’re looking for some UX design portfolio inspiration?

Maybe you’re a fresh-faced UX designer looking to land your first gig.

Perhaps you’re thinking about taking a UX design bootcamp?

Either way, you want to make your mark in the world of UX—and that means making sure you’ve got an impressive portfolio to your name.

Well, it just so happens that we have a fantastic recording of a CareerFoundry LIVE event for you!

We were recently joined by CareerFoundry UX design graduate Sara Lowry.

Sara walked us through one of her main portfolio projects: FestiPal—a native festival app.

Sara designed the app to provide a central and consistent platform for users to efficiently plan and attend all festivals post COVID-19.

In this event you’ll learn all about the biggest hurdles that UX designers face, how to start thinking like a UX designer, and how Sara went about creating this awesome project that ultimately landed her a job at the BBC!

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Sara Lowry

Sara Lowry

UX designer at the BBC

Sara Lowry is a UX Designer, with a background in psychology and sales. She is currently working at the BBC, where she was initially placed in the iPlayer team but has recently moved over to the news team. Sara completed the CareerFoundry UX Design Program in 2021 after a friend suggested UX design could be a good fit for her. She is enjoying her current role very much and is excited to see where UX design will take her next!