What is Product Design?

5 July 2023 5:00 pm Online Career Change , UI Design , UX Design
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Looking to switch to a career in tech?

You’ve likely encountered the coveted job of “Product Designer”.

But let’s face it, “Product Designer” often gets mixed up with other design roles.

That’s why we’ve invited Florian Bölter, a senior Product Designer and CareerFoundry UI design graduate, to demystify product design and explain why now is the perfect time to enter this exciting field.

Join Florian’s live presentation recording as he walks you through exactly what product design is, and which skills are a must-have on the job.

Florian also shared his extraordinary career change journey, revealing how he transitioned from studying literature and working in publishing and software to landing a rewarding job as a Product Designer within months of completing CareerFoundry’s UI Design Program.

Interested in becoming a product designer?

CareerFoundry offers FREE UX and UI Design short courses, one of the career path options to get into this exciting field 🎨

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Florian Bölter

Florian Bölter

Staff Product Designer at Juro

Florian Bölter is a Staff Product Designer at Juro where he actively brings users, stakeholders, and business needs together. Originally he studied German literature, but found his way into design through a detour into product management.