Women in Tech: Advice on How to Career Change

8 September 2022 6:00 pm Online Career Change , UI Design , UX Design , Web Development
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We invited four trailblazing women in tech to share their inspirational stories, and explain exactly how they found their dream career: Brandi Richardson, Software Engineer at Microsoft; Dalia El-Shimy, Head of UX Research at Miro; Kylie Weber, Product Designer at Syndic4you, and Jessie Auguste, Software Engineer at CybSafe.

In this CareerFoundry live panel: Women in Tech: Advice on How to Career Change you’ll learn exactly how to accomplish your career goals and successfully make the transition into the tech industry.

You’ll discover how Kylie went from working in hospitality to becoming a UI designer (by taking the CareerFoundry UI Design Program!), how Dalia went from working in academia to becoming the Head of UX Research at Miro, how Brandi went from working at Delta Airlines to working as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, and how Jessie transitioned from studying psychology to becoming a Software Engineer (and co-host of the Glowing in Tech podcast powered by Coding Black Females!).

We’ll address questions such as: Where do I start? What strengths do I bring to the industry as a career changer? How do I tackle impostor syndrome? What challenges might I encounter, and what superpowers will I bring as a woman in tech?

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Live Panel Women In Tech

Featured presenters

Brandi Richardson

Brandi Richardson

Software Engineer II at Microsoft

Brandi currently works as a Software Engineer II at Microsoft. She is passionate about human-centered design and engineering. She has a desire to work at an intersection of tech, design, product, and people. She is also passionate about diversifying tech and making it a more inclusive environment. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, trying new brunch spots in Atlanta (where she lives), visiting wineries, doing yoga and reading fiction.

Dalia El-Shimy

Dalia El-Shimy

Head of UX Research at Miro

Dalia El-Shimy is an engineer-turned-academic-turned-user-researcher, currently leading UX Research at Miro. Before joining Miro, she worked at Shopify and had completed a PhD in human-computer interaction. She spends pretty much all her spare time trying to adapt North American baking recipes to German ingredients.

Jessie Auguste

Jessie Auguste

Software Engineer at CybSafe

Jessie comes from a psychology background, and is now a Software Engineer at cyber security startup, CybSafe. She is the co-host of the podcast, Glowing in Tech, a show which interviews black women in technical roles and hopes to demystify the industry. In her free time she loves reading and learning new languages.

Presenter Picture BM

Kylie Weber

Product Designer at Professional Creations

Kylie Weber is a passionate UI Designer with a background in Hospitality and Tourism. She believes that design needs to be empathic and impactful in a way that leaves users feeling ' I can't live without this product'.

MK Kirigin

MK Kirigin

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer at CareerFoundry

MK Kirigin is the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer at CareerFoundry. A proud Latina from Bolivia who studied education policy at Harvard, she’s been dedicated to DEI in education for over 8 years, as a university admission officer, public school teacher, and curriculum designer. MK is passionate about democratizing knowledge, creating inclusive communities, and making tech careers accessible to all.