How I Discovered A New Creative Career Path In UX Design

Niloofar wanted to work professionally in a creative environment, whilst improving her salary and finding a sense of fulfillment in what she was doing. UX design proved to be the answer.

by William Hull on 7 March 2018

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Niloofar’s story is one we can all relate to. After several years plodding along as a project coordinator in Berlin, she felt that wind of change, a calling for new challenges, inspiration and creativity.

It happens to the best of us. We settle into the comfort of the everyday – we may even have achieved a certain degree of material comfort – but there’s still that lingering doubt, a certain je ne sais quoi, a sense that a switch in career paths may lead to greater work/life fulfillment – in essence, the feeling of: what if?

For some, a career change with a higher salary may provide greater financial security. For others, it may provide an avenue to achieve a greater sense of purpose in their work. For Niloofar, it was both. She wanted to work professionally in a creative environment, whilst improving her current salary and, most importantly, finding a sense of fulfillment in what she was doing.

Niloofar wasn’t happy with the norm, so she took her career by the horns. With a little bit of preparation and background research, she was convinced by the opportunities that could be unleashed by a career in UX design:

“UX is currently in high demand in the market and, based on my career and academic background, it’s the best fit for me!“

For Niloofar, CareerFoundry proved to be a perfect and flexible fit:

“It was a mentored online course and I had a chance to expand my network for my future career, received lots of helpful feedback for each and every step during my course and got the chance to learn so many new things that I didn’t know before.”

The skills Niloofar learned whilst studying at CareerFoundry proved central to her landing a new position in tech. She reflects on starting out:

“It was an easy entry and made me feel really smart. I’m super glad about it, especially as I didn’t have any tech background beforehand.”

After graduating, Niloofar worked on improving an ecommerce app called ‘Gegessen Wird Immer’, an online shop for special and selected food products based in Berlin. Using her newfound UX skills, Niloofar removed user pain points in the Gegessen Wird Immer app to improve the overall user experience.

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As a UX designer, Niloofar now works on digital products, assisting companies in the design of their products with a clear understanding of their customers’ problems. She hasn’t looked back.

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by William Hull on 7 March 2018

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