How I Went From Uber Driver To Web Developer In A Matter Of Months

Gabriel had long held the dream of working in tech, but had never had the recourse to fulfil this dream – until he discovered CareerFoundry.

by Emily Stevens on 5 February 2018

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“From Uber driver to web developer in a matter of months”; it sounds like a far-fetched sales ploy, but this is actually what happened to CareerFoundry graduate Gabriel Aleman. Gabriel’s story is not only remarkable, but completely true – and an absolute must-read for anyone who’s ever felt powerless to change their career.

Based in Houston, Texas, Gabriel comes from a working immigrant family – a detail that played a defining role in his early career. Despite having always dreamed of a job in tech, further study just wasn’t financially viable. As soon as he finished high school, Gabriel had to start working in order to help provide for his family. At this point, his goal of becoming a developer seemed completely unattainable.

“After finishing high school, I had to work to help provide for my family. My dreams to become a software engineer faded away.”

Gabriel began working as an Uber driver, and for several years, his tech dreams were placed firmly on the shelf. It wasn’t until he discovered coding bootcamps that he started to toy with the idea of a drastic career change. Like many would-be career changers, traditional methods of full-time study just weren’t an option. A flexible online course, however, was a different matter altogether. For Gabriel, being able to fit his studies around his working schedule was a huge advantage: he was able to learn to code whilst still earning money.

But apart from the practical benefits, what was it that really sparked Gabriel’s interest in the Web Development program? He’d always been fascinated by computer programming, and the CareerFoundry course stood out as a budget-friendly way to reach his long-time dream of becoming a developer. The bootcamp approach also presented a time-effective option, allowing Gabriel to gain as much knowledge as possible in a short space of time and, ultimately, to start building the career he’d always wanted.

“I have always been fascinated by computer programming, and CareerFoundry provided a budget-friendly approach to reach my goals to become a developer.”

Upon reflection, Gabriel especially valued the hands-on nature of the course. Indeed, it is this focus on practical skills and real-world projects that ensures CareerFoundry graduates are job-ready. When asked about the most useful aspect of the course, Gabriel was also quick to mention his mentor. For someone with no prior experience in the world of tech, being in regular contact with an industry expert makes a huge difference, and the importance of having a one-to-one mentor is something Gabriel learned first-hand.

“During the course, I enjoyed the times when I was pushed to find a solution.”

As you know, Gabriel’s story doesn’t end there. Once he graduated the course, his transition to the tech world went astonishingly quickly. Within three months of completion, he’d landed his first role as a developer. This was a huge jump; in a matter of months, Gabriel completely transformed his career and landed the job he’d always dreamed of. Quite the modern-day fairytale!

Such a drastic career change can be daunting, but it’s clear that Gabriel has never looked back. One of the best things about his new job is the opportunity to grow and develop – not to mention the financial rewards. Above all, Gabriel has been able to realize a dream that he’d all but given up on, and he now feels at home in the tech sphere. When we asked him where he sees himself in 5 years from now, his answer was simple: deeper in the development world!

Gabriel’s story highlights an extremely important point: you don’t need loads of experience or formal education to become a successful web developer. With dedication and hard work, anyone can change their career and do something they love.

“Don’t let anything stop you. Hard work always pays off!”

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by Emily Stevens on 5 February 2018

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