Bianca Kolendo's Portfolio Project

Bianca Kolendo's Portfolio Project

Bianca Kolendo

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During the CareerFoundry UX Design Program, you’ll build out a job-ready portfolio. Here is a breakdown of graduate Bianca’s portfolio project, Backyard Bosses. If you’d like to visit her full portfolio, head to her website.

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

I had been a team lead for about 3 years when I first signed up for the program. I enjoyed my job and the learning & development industry, but I wasn’t interested in becoming a manager or anything higher. I knew I wanted to get back into the hands-on steps of making meaningful content, and UX design fit my needs perfectly!

What did you enjoy most about the CareerFoundry UX Design Program?

As nerve-racking as it was in the beginning, I really appreciated having a tutor and a mentor with tons of experience in the field. Even though there’s no expectation to be amazing at doing something new, it can be really difficult to be so bad at it. They were so helpful with their feedback and kept me motivated. Eventually, I started feeling confident in what I was designing and it all comes back to their support.

What did you enjoy about creating your CareerFoundry portfolio project?

I’m honestly still stunned that I did the whole thing! There are so many pieces that went into this one project from start to end. It’s great to look back and realize how much I’ve learned, but it’s also nice to see how many skills I already had that I got to use (and improve) throughout.

With regards to your new career and skills, what are your hopes for the future?

Of course I’m looking to get a UX design role with a great company I support—but I can’t leave my learning & development roots! I’d love to be able to succeed in UX and provide support to others looking to get into the industry.

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