Erick Valencia's Project

Erick Valencia's Project

Erick Valencia

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Erick is a UX Designer with over three years of experience in user-centered design, information architecture, visual/graphic design, and usability principles. Erick’s background actually lies in Computer Science and software engineering, which he studied at the University of Minnesota.

So, why UX and Frontend Development?

“After taking a couple of courses that involved interfacing with clients and users while studying software engineering, I realized that working with the frontend was something I enjoyed immensely. I already had some background in Frontend Development, but I wanted to expand and fortify my skills. CareerFoundry provided me with the opportunity to create a professional portfolio, through which I can showcase my creativity. The course has given me a broader set of valuable skills.”

Erick completed our UX Program in January 2019. Now, Erick is highly skilled in both frontend and backend aspects of the product design process.

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You can check his website here

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