Eveline Kooijman's Portfolio Project

Eveline Kooijman's Portfolio Project

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Following the completion of our Web Development Program in May 2018, Eveline landed her dream job as a frontend developer (React) at 8select, a data and technology consultancy based in Germany. 

While she’s nothing short of a whiz at web development, Eveline’s background isn’t what you might expect. From 2003 to 2017, Eveline was a talented photographerreceiving two grants and the Culture Award of the Bavarian Oberpfalz region for her photography projects in 2014. 

Photographer to web developer isn’t necessarily a commonly trodden career path. So what inspired her foray into tech? 

“I transitioned to web development because I really enjoy coding, the process of making things work, connecting all bits and pieces together, and abstractly defining functionality. I still have a lot to learn, but I love the continuous growth that comes with being a developer.”


Below, Eveline maps out the creation of one of her CareerFoundry projects, DAVY.  


DAVY Project


Simple demo landing page based on Bootstrap Grid, with Smooth scrolling, Scrollspy, CSS Parallax effect and image hover effect.

​​​​​​Included Features:

Smooth scrolling
Parallax effect
Responsive design


HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap


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