Jill Danielle Liao's Portfolio Project

Jill Danielle Liao's Portfolio Project

Jill Danielle Liao


During the CareerFoundry UX Design Program, you’ll build out a job-ready portfolio. Here is a breakdown of graduate Jill’s portfolio project, Expert App. If you’d like to check out her full portfolio, head to her website.

After graduating from college with a fine arts degree in advertising, Jill joined her family’s plastic manufacturing business as an office administrator. It was there that she discovered UX design, and decided to enroll as a student with CareerFoundry. 

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

“I used to think that having a lot of different interests in different areas was a bad thing. But, as it turns out, being a UX designer means that you can combine your different interests as part of one multidisciplinary field. I did a lot of research into which career path I wanted to take, but after seeing that there was a CareerFoundry UX bootcamp specifically for career changers, and that they offered the guidance of mentors, I knew it was right for me.” 

Introducing her Expert App project, Jill said:

Expert App is all about connecting you with credible, verified experts, who answer your questions quickly, and reliably. As a UX Designer, my goal is to use the insights gathered from user testing to create intelligent and straightforward solutions for the end user. I love the creative approach to problem-solving that is so central to UX design. 

Check out the live prototype for Expert App.







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