Kaya Kise’s Portfolio Project

Kaya Kise’s Portfolio Project

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Once Kaya was three-quarters of the way through her course, she started her job preparation with CareerFoundry’s Career Services Team. Her main project had been a food app, and she spent a month “making her portfolio shine”, as well as practicing job interviews for UX. Then, towards the end of the month and with the help of her Advisor, she updated her LinkedIn profile and made a few speculative connections to people in the field. Three days later she was approached by a Director of Design at a company in the center of Berlin, and a few days after that, she was offered her first job in UX Design.

Read Kaya’s full career change story here: “How I Retrained And Became A UX Designer After Turning 30”

Kaya created the following project while doing her UX Program, and it proved instrumental in landing her first job in the field.

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