Michael Powers' Portfolio Project

Michael Powers' Portfolio Project

Michael Powers


Before discovering UI design, CareerFoundry Alumnus Michael worked mostly in the imprinted apparel industry. As a vector junky, Micheal always felt at home in the digital realm, and his background in print design and vector illustration made for a smooth transition into UX/UI Design. He completed our UI Design Program in August 2019.

Speaking about his decision to become a UX/UI designer, Micheal quotes: 


“I’d found the job market in print design growing increasingly stagnant, especially in imprinted apparel. I was losing motivation. It was a daunting prospect to transition to another realm of design after spending so long in a specific field; no one wants to start over. But the more I looked into UX and UI, and the more I tinkered around with online tutorials and walkthroughs, the more I came to realize that I’d been selling myself short in regards to my own capabilities. 


I already had the skills with the software, so that was the easy part. I just needed to shift my headspace into the user experience mindset, and once I truly understood what that meant, signing up for the CareerFoundry bootcamp just felt logical. To be honest, the transition has been far more seamless and organic than I even anticipated”.


As a UX/UI designer, Micheal brings to the table a solid foundation of design skills, along with expertise with the industry’s leading design software. He prides himself on his ability to take the client’s vision and translate it into a digital work of art that accurately communicates their story.

Below you can check out the ideation behind his project “Pair It.”











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