Miriam Nawo's Portfolio Project

Miriam Nawo's Portfolio Project

Miriam Nawo

German native Miriam completed our UX Design Program in 2019, and now works as a UX designer for an energy sourcing company. 

Hi Miriam! Could you give us a brief overview of your educational and professional background before enrolling in the CareerFoundry program?

I studied International Information Management, an interdisciplinary Magister course (similar to a German diploma course). Afterward, I was working as a project manager for eCommerce projects for approximately six years.

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

Project Management was a great introduction to working in the digital realm for me as it enabled me to get a thorough understanding of how software development projects work. But after six years, I felt it was time for a change. Amongst other things, my role had included requirements engineering and concept development for our clients. Those were tasks I always really enjoyed as they consolidated all the different perspectives: business goals, user needs, and development constraints. So I decided to deepen my knowledge in this area and learn more methods and approaches for designing smart solutions for users.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

Definitely the mentoring by my superb tutor and mentor, as well as the project-based approach to learning. It was such a valuable experience to go through the design thinking process and see my concepts and designs evolve and improve over time. When I started the course, I did it with the intention of ‘treating myself’ to time for learning and growing new skills. I am super happy and grateful that my experience during the CareerFoundry course was exactly that.

Tell us about your current job!

I was fortunate to have found a position in my new career path very quickly. I am now working as a UX designer for Sonnen. We produce innovative energy storage systems which empower our customers to enter the new era of decentralized, renewable energy production. I love what I do!

Below, Miriam maps out the design thinking process for her portfolio project 5 walls; a responsive web app for first-time property buyers.

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