Nathalie Minner Viegas's Portfolio Project

Nathalie Minner Viegas's Portfolio Project

Nathalie Minner Viegas

During the CareerFoundry Intro to UX Design Course, you’ll build out a job-ready project for your portfolio. Here is a breakdown of graduate Nathalie’s vocabulary learning app project.

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

I worked for many years in the licensing field, but I always felt like I didn’t quite fit 100% because, in this field, either you are on the creative or the business side, which didn’t suit me. When I learned about UX design, where I could combine both my analytical and creativity skills, it amazed me. I knew I had to jump on it to grab this opportunity. 

Learning new things fascinates me and, as a curious person, I love to investigate how things work and how people think.

What did you enjoy most about the CareerFoundry Intro to UX Design Course?

The time flexibility allowed me to study at my own pace, focusing more on the delivery deadline instead of having classes simultaneously every day. However, what impressed me the most was the quality of feedback I received, both from my tutor and mentor. Their feedback always showed what I did right, what I could improve upon, and gave me tips to learn new things.

What did you enjoy about creating your CareerFoundry portfolio project?

Learning by doing has always helped me understand things better, so applying what I had just learned and seeing the result allowed me to comprehend the UX design process and trust it! 

With regards to your new career and skills, what are your hopes for the future?

Studying UX with CareerFoundry has opened a new path in my career, and I’m excited to see where it will lead me! I plan to continue learning new skills, network with other designers to exchange knowledge, and help to create more human-centered products!

Check out the prototype for Nathalie’s project:

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