Tamara Stampone's Portfolio Project

Tamara Stampone's Portfolio Project

Tamara Stampone

During the CareerFoundry UX Design Program, you’ll build out a job-ready portfolio. Below is a breakdown of UX graduate Tamara’s portfolio project. If you’d like to visit her full portfolio, head to her website.

Tamara completed our UX Design Program in 2019, and went on to complete the Voice User Interface Design Specialization in 2020. She’s now self-employed as a UX designer.

Hi Tamara! Could you give us a brief overview of your educational and professional background before enrolling in the CareerFoundry program?

Prior to CareerFoundry I had a BA in Communications, and worked as a video editor. I had no previous design experience!

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

I wanted to keep up with the times, as the world is more mobile now. I also really like to challenge myself, and I enjoy solving problems.

What did you enjoy most about the course?

I really liked the attention to detail and the resources that were available to me. I also loved speaking to the mentors and tutors that provide practical and applicable advice and support.

Tell us about your current job!

I’m currently self employed as a UX designer.

Below, Tamara maps out the design thinking process for her voice user interface design portfolio project “Cook for me”; a voice assistant for meal preparation.

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