Tarah Pfeiffer's Portfolio Project

Tarah Pfeiffer's Portfolio Project

Tarah Pfeiffer

During the CareerFoundry UI Design Program, you’ll build out a job-ready portfolio. Here is a breakdown of graduate Tarah’s portfolio project, Carrotivity. If you’d like to visit her full portfolio, head to her website.

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

The pandemic, and then an injury with drawn-out rehabilitation, had me incapacitated for over a year so I was looking for a new field. After completing several short courses on computer science, I discovered UI and then subsequently CareerFoundry. Since starting the program, my passion for design only grew stronger and I am so excited to transition to this exciting new path.

What did you enjoy most about the CareerFoundry UI Design Program?

The mentorship and support that I received was invaluable; the one-on-one sessions with my mentor especially were very helpful. The program is well structured and the projects are captivating. I felt like I was not only learning the fundamentals but really being prepared for a job in the tech industry.

What did you enjoy about creating your CareerFoundry portfolio project?

This particular project was very interesting because it combined both UX and UI skills and required me to dig deep and do solid research, as well as lots of iterations of visual design and user testing. I feel that I learned so much throughout this process.

With regards to your new career and skills, what are your hopes for the future?

I hope to find a position as a junior UX/UI designer in a creative team where I can continue to learn and grow on the job. Where this career will take me further down the line, I still don’t know but I am excited to find out!

Check out the prototype.

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