Tiago Braga's Intro to Digital Marketing Portfolio Project

Tiago Braga's Intro to Digital Marketing Portfolio Project

Tiago Braga

During the CareerFoundry Intro to Digital Marketing Course, you’ll build out a job-ready project for your portfolio. Below is a breakdown of graduate Tiago’s “BeHearted” Instagram campaign portfolio project for a dating platform.

Tiago completed our Intro to Digital Marketing Course in August 2021 and is now using his new skills in his career as a biochemist and researcher. 

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

I wanted to develop new sets of skills. The main reason was to enable me to find a position that would involve more interaction with different stakeholders. Apart from that, I was also interested in understanding ways on how to communicate value of a product/service using digital tools.

What did you enjoy most about the CareerFoundry Intro to Digital Marketing Course? 

What I am enjoying the most is that it includes a practical end result. So, at the same time we are guided by theoretical knowledge, we can also apply that in a practical way. And the fact that we end up with a visible portfolio grants great value for future job applications.

What did you enjoy about creating your CareerFoundry portfolio project?

The sense of building something that I created from scratch with tools and knowledge I just recently acquired.

With regards to your new career and skills, what are your hopes for the future?

I hope that my future employer sees my versatility, and willingness to learn and grow, and that I can get the opportunity to integrate a team within the digital marketing context.



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