Virginia Yu's Frontend Project

Virginia Yu's Frontend Project

Virginia Yu

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Fresh out of university following a degree in graphic design and industrial design, Virginia was as optimistic as they come when she launched her career in branding. However, after a few years of designing advertising and marketing materials for a myriad of creative agencies, Virginia grew disenchanted with her field.

So, what inspired her switch into UX design? In her own words:

“I chose to pursue UX design because I wanted to do more critical thinking in my day today, and I wanted to create more impact in my work. I didn’t feel like I was getting that in visual design.”

Many UX designers opt to do a specialization add-on at the end of their UX Design Program. Virginia, however, chose two specializations; Voice UI, and Frontend Coding.

“I chose Frontend Development because coding knowledge is quite useful when it comes to prototyping and ideation. It saves a lot of time once you know whether or not an idea can be fully fleshed out.”

Below is Virginia’s portfolio, which showcases the various projects she worked on while studying with CareerFoundry.

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