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Caroline white min

Caroline White

UX Analyst at

Studying UX design with CareerFoundry was the making of me - it gave me the confidence to apply for UX roles overseas and relocate from the UK to New Zealand. The mentor model was great and I'm still in touch with my mentor today.

Fernando encinas min

Fernando Encinas

Support at

My mentor was great at getting back to me and my questions were always answered. It was incredibly helpful having them always on stand-by, and this sped up the learning process for me.

Corie wiren min

Corie Wiren

Producer at

Studying with CareerFoundry has helped my career enormously! I have a full time job in tech that wouldn’t have been possible without the course. I'm in a better place now than I ever imagined I would be!

Andrea hurren min

Andrea Hurren

Web Developer at

I was shocked to be contacted for 4 interviews the week after finishing my CareerFoundry course! I was absolutely ecstatic, I couldn’t wait to start!

Terri rodriguez hong min

Terri Rodriguez-Hong

UX/UI Designer at

Without CareerFoundry I would not have my new job, and they helped me double my salary from my last job!

Trey fletcher

Trey Fletcher

Web Developer at

I am making about $10,000 - $15,000 more for the year than I did in my previous career and have had interviews multiple times already for positions that would put me at about $30,000 more.

Joe spadafora

Joe Spadafora

Software Developer at

Choosing CareerFoundry was definitely a good choice for me. I was able to get a job because my mentor Vlad had a contact who was looking for someone. So, now I get to work from home as an iOS developer!

Amal habashy min

Amal Habashy

UX Designer at

I feel so motivated, so proud of myself; I feel I can do way more than I ever thought I could. It felt like a major experiment until it proved to be a success.

Abhi bhattacharya

Abhi Bhattacharya

UX Design Consultant at

Everything was great - I landed an internship in UX design three days after I was done with the course, and today I am a full time UX Design Consultant.

Hanna sander min

Hanna Sander

UX Designer at

It is such a great experience to have the job placement team by my side for all the questions I have about starting a career in design. With their knowledge and experience, they are able to help me find a job which best suits my skills.

Branislav bugarcic min

Branislav Bugarcic

Frontend Developer at

Your help with my CV and LinkedIn profile came at just the right moment. It was great to know that you were working on my CV while I was focused on programming. Thank you!

Kamilla dydak

Kamila Dydak

UI Designer at

The Placement Team at CareerFoundry are very useful. Once you reach a certain level of completion in the course, they reach out to you and offer advice on what steps to take next and how to approach the search.

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