Recruitment for a Productive Future
CareerFoundry and Wunschkandidaten
In an exclusive offer, Wunschkandidaten has partnered up with CareerFoundry offering a 50% rebate on any CF student they can place in a job. As a recruitment partner, Wunschkandidaten will look at the portfolios of all graduating CareerFoundry students and do their best to match them with open positions. Focused primarily on bringing web developers from across Europe to fill the German tech-skills gap, CareerFoundry’s skill tests and course evaluations can be used s a portfolio builder for junior developers or to certify current abilities.
Get 450 euros for getting hired!

Now available to all CareerFoundry students. Finish your CF program and publish your portfolio to Wunschkandidaten for review. If Wunschkandidaten places you in a job, get back 50% of your program fees back as rebate.