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UX Design

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Choose User Experience Design if you’re curious about understanding human behavior and how great products and services are designed.

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UI Design

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Choose User Interface Design if you’re inspired by beautiful websites and apps and want to design your own intuitive and aesthetic interfaces.

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Web Development

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Choose Web Development if you are interested in building technology. Code your first website with this course in 5 exercises.

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Data Analytics

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Choose Data Analytics if you want to explore the ins and outs of data, using insights and storytelling to build accurate assessment skills.

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Digital Marketing

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Choose Digital Marketing and learn how to reach a modern audience—even getting your hands dirty building your own campaign!

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Product Management

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Choose Product Management to investigate the multi-faceted world of building, testing, and improving product features for customers.

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Product Design

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Choose Product Design if you're interested in delving into the art and science of crafting exceptional products and services that resonate with users.

Short Courses for Designers

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Expand your design skillset with one of our free specialization short courses for designers.

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Voice User Interface Design

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Learn all about the burgeoning voice tech industry and gain a comprehensive introduction to key voice user interface design (VUI) principles.

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UI for UX Designers

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Are you a UX designer who wants to start learning UI? Then take this course to gain a comprehensive introduction to UI design and learn how to incorporate it into your design process.

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Frontend Development for Designers

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Are you a UX designer who wants to start learning frontend development? Start learning essential coding skills and become one of the few designers in the industry who can speak the developer’s language.