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We believe anyone
can build a career they love

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Our mission: Enable anyone to work on their own terms, free to do the work of their lives.

Ever since our first mission statement to “help people build a career they love” we have tried to enable people in their struggles to work on their own terms:

  • People that need to work remotely because they might be in a location where there are no good jobs or they have a disability, or they are caring for someone who has, etc.
  • People that need to work flexible hours because of family commitments, etc.
  • People that want to work creatively because it’s missing in their lives and it’s making them miserable.
  • etc.

    We at CareerFoundry make this happen for anyone - meaning globally, regardless of situation. How do we do it? Through accessible and effective education. Let’s innovate and inspire the industry.

    Finally this is also a story about us. We want to work on our own terms just as much as anybody. It is up to us to define the culture where we can live our mission while strengthening collaboration rather that weakening it. 

    We believe that when people are free to work on their own terms magic will happen and they will do the work of their lives.

    We're passionate about continuously improving. In order to track our growth we've introduced a management system that acts as a framework to measure performance.

    We aim to widen access to exciting new careers by offering the professional development training required for a successful career in tech. Unemployed individuals in Germany who demonstrate a basic level of English are eligible for fully-funded sponsorships with the Agentur für Arbeit (AfA). Our graduates go on to lead careers they love, backed by 360-degree support from CareerFoundry in collaboration with the Agentur für Arbeit—ensuring successful job integration into the local labor market.

  • Our values

    Our values are the foundation of everything we do. They guide us in our daily work—whether we’re designing the CareerFoundry learning experience, or helping to shape the next generation of tech professionals.

    Approach with empathy.

    We actively create spaces that are intentionally inclusive and welcoming for everyone—regardless of skill or ability, background or identity.

    Recognize key contributions.

    We value outstanding effort and celebrate each other’s accomplishments—whether it’s a small victory or a remarkable success!

    Keep learning, stay curious.

    We learn from failure and actively seek to grow and become better people—and we help each other do the same.

    Inspire the industry.

    We strive to create positive change in the world and to set an example for how human-centric online education can be.

    Unlock potential in others.

    We know that everyone has the potential to build a career they love, and we go above and beyond to empower each other to grow into that

    Our community

    4,000+ active students

    A global company, with students on every continent.

    700+ mentors

    We have mentors and tutors in every time zone.

    80+ career specialists

    Whether you’re in the US, Australia, or anywhere in between, our Career Services Team is ready to help you find the job you want.


    Regular video tutorials
    from the community

    Our YouTube channel is designed for people starting out in tech. You’ll find actionable guides and tutorials on everything from wireframing, to information architecture, to how to run a design thinking workshop.

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    Tips and inspiration

    Our Instagram is packed full of insights into the world of tech and the future of work. Follow us for your regular dose of microlearning.

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    Discover what our graduates are doing now

    Our LinkedIn is where we share the successes of our graduates and the latest articles from the community. If you want to get an idea of what it’s like to be part of the community, it’s a great place to start!

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    Meet our team

    Transforming your career isn’t easy. Here’s how we’ve built out our teams to ensure our students are successful.

    Student team

    The Student Team is responsible for the well-being of our students. Our student advisors check in regularly with our students to make sure they get the most out of their learning experience.


    Mentor team

    The Mentor Team looks after our mentor community, maintaining the impeccable standards to which we are accustomed by carrying out regular quality checks and training with our network of design, development, and data experts.


    Career services team

    The Career Services Team is responsible for the Job Preparation Course, a module designed to prepare students for entry into their new field. They also manage a global network of career specialists who coach and advise our students during their job search.


    Education team

    The Education Team is behind all our curricula. They’re instructional designers and editors who work with subject matter experts to devise, deliver, and maintain our curricula in UX design, UI design, web development, and data analytics.


    Product team

    The Product Team is responsible for the students’ experience on CareerFoundry’s learning platform. They research, design, and implement the features which enable our students to learn effectively.


    Enrollments team

    The Enrollments Team is there to tell you about our programs, share what it’s like to be part of the CareerFoundry community, and help you decide whether a career in tech is for you.


    Operations team

    The Operations Team is our backbone. They ensure that day-to-day business runs as it should—and of course, they keep us stocked up with all the post-its and markers we need.


    Marketing team

    The Marketing Team provides in-depth, educational blog articles, videos, and events to show you what we’re already convinced is true: If you’re looking to transform your career, CareerFoundry can provide you with everything you need to make it happen.


    We’re hiring!

    We’re always looking for people to help shape our product and our vision. If our values resonate with you and you love helping others achieve their goals, have a look at our freelance and full-time openings.

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