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Our graduates have:

Mastery of a competitive skillset

Hands-on experience in the field

The motivation to make an impact

Our graduates have:

Mastery of a competitive skillset

Hands-on experience in the field

The motivation to make an impact

Our graduates are sought out by great companies

From small businesses and startups to the Fortune 500, companies all over the world are recognizing CareerFoundry as their go-to place for the best tech talent.


Why hire CareerFoundry graduates?

Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and passionate people. From our rigorous, expert-authored curriculum to our dual mentorship model and individualized career coaching—everything we do centers around one goal: To prepare our graduates for highly impactful careers in tech.

Mentored growth

Our students work with both a mentor and a tutor so that every step of their training is guided by respected voices from across the industry.

Mastery of practical skills

Our expert-authored curriculum prepares our graduates to make an impact from day one, providing a hands-on learning experience that’s in sync with the pulse of the industry.

Passion and motivation

Our graduates come from all walks of life and have done the hard work of forging new careers—often on top of full-time work and other obligations. Simply put, they accomplish what they set out to do.

Gabrielle Moskey

Conversation Designer in AR/VR

Ryan Wu

Senior Experience Design Consultant

Maureen Herben

Product designer

Ladislav Szolik

Senior UX designer


Where our graduates are located

Our graduates make up a diverse talent pool that spans the globe. While many are open to opportunites in their contries of residence, you find others happy to relocate or to explore remote work opportunities.

Why partner with CareerFoundry?

Easy recruiting

You choose who to invite and talk to applicants directly. We work in the background to connect you with the best candidates—zero cost and zero obligation.

Global talent pool

Our students and graduates make up a diverse talent pool of over 3,000 highly skilled tech professionals. With varying degrees of experience, they’re qualified for anything from junior to senior level.

Skilled candidates

Our expert-authored curriculum and 2:1 mentorship model equips CareerFoundry graduates with up to 960 hours of hands-on training in the specialized skills employers are looking for.

What employers are saying about our grads

Cécile has been an excellent addition to the Drawbotics team and pushed us from day one to level up both our design processes and customer research. Most notably, she has led the charge in operating consequential usability studies, and is excellent at working out all the details of a design or interaction.

Ryan McCutcheon - Product Owner

From day one Adam has been very user-focused, challenging existing designs through usability testing and interviews, leading to the design and development of an entirely new feature. He has made significant UI improvements after questioning how the previous design fit in with the visual and experiential direction of the product.

Amy Hodgson - Head of Design

Kylie is an exceptional asset to the company. She has gained a lot of skills in design very quickly, is keen to get involved in projects, and challenges things we used to do. She has a strong opinion of what is right; that’s very important in an organization where we need to move forward very quickly.

Julien Mourlon - Product Owner

Gaelle has risen over and above the challenge of embarking on a new career. Her work is always of a high standard, thoroughly thought through, and efficiently executed. She is a great addition to the team. I would absolutely recommend hiring a CareerFoundry graduate. Gaelle has blown away our expectations and we couldn’t be happier!

Chris Myhill - Director of Experience

Alice has made a massive impact on Mikata as a designer, and the UX design skills she gained from CareerFoundry have definitely been a factor in her success. She’s able to contribute to projects from the initial stages of research and product definition to final delivery of high-fidelity UI designs. Her work is thorough, but also bold and creative.

Meaghan Nolan - Co-Founder
Mikata Health

Drew is able to take on a new task and own the project completely. He constantly reminds the team to put the user at the center of what we do and to understand the ‘why’ behind our product design decisions. I see Drew taking on more responsibility, and hopefully taking on a leadership role as he grows in his career. He is a pleasure to work with!

Todd Adel - Sr. Product Design Manager

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