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User experience is at the center of intelligent design. From an intuitive website to a fridge that restocks your groceries, it can make or break the relationship between a brand and its products. Whether you’re looking to fully develop your career or grab some new skills in this increasingly popular field, our one month fundamentals course will help you see if UX is for you


UX Fundamentals is an introduction to UX design

UX Fundamentals

estimated 4 weeks completion time

UX Immersion

estimated 7 months completion time

UX Specializations

estimated 2 months completion time

If you want to understand user experience, but aren’t ready to throw yourself in at the deep end, UX Fundamentals is for you. In one month, you’ll learn each aspect of the UX design process, get to grips with the industry, and learn the key thought processes and business skills of successful UXers. As a member of the CareerFoundry community, you’ll also be fully supported as you learn, with the hands-on help and guidance of our tutors, mentors and your fellow CareerFoundry students.

Ready to jump into something bigger now? Then check out our Certified UX Designer Course: the whole package to get started as a UX designer.

Success Stories

Terri Rodriguez-Hong

Without CareerFoundry I would not have my new job, and they helped me double my salary from my last job!

UX/UI Designer at

Ally Hangartner

The CareerFoundry UX course was an awesome overview to all things UX. After the course I managed to get a job within a few months at a leading tech company and saw a 50% salary increase! Thanks CF!

UX Designer at

Rebecca Newton

The course was superb, interesting, challenging and exactly what I needed to give me the confidence to “rebrand” myself. It has led on to a great new job as a UX junior and has opened many doors for my understanding of technology of the future.

UX Designer at

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Get job-ready with real world projects

A solid understanding of UX design and the key skills for the job

Written by leading UX designers and structured by course designers from Harvard and Berkeley, we’re here to give you the very best learning experience there is.

Exercise 1

Introduction to UX and Design Thinking

Describe UX design and the design thinking process. Apply the first stage of the design thinking process to a given problem

Exercise 2

User Research

Explain user-centered design and strategies for conducting effective user research

Exercise 3

User Personas

Create effective user personas and user stories based on user goals and needs

Exercise 4

Information Architecture

Explore how users navigate sites and processes and how information is structured

Exercise 5

Wireframing and Prototyping

Create effective prototypes and wireframes that support user goals

Exercise 6

Usability Testing

Utilize best practices in usability testing to create a testing plan

Exercise 7

Presenting Your Work

Present your design process and solution to stakeholders in a clear, engaging manner

Exercise 8

What's Next?

Draft a personal design profile to map out a path for continuing design education

Why our students succeed

  • The demand is only increasing from a growing tech industry, and employers are interested in your practical skills, not your educational background.
  • With personalized course feedback from your dedicated mentor (with more than 5 years’ experience), you will get answers to all of your questions without the frustration of learning on your own.
  • Not just content. Once you are 75% through the course, our career services team will help you refine your portfolio and personal brand to get you hired.

Our graduates now have tech jobs at companies all over the world:

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UX Fundamentals

  • 8 exercises that give you a solid introduction to design thinking
  • Personal exercise reviews from your Tutor
  • Step by step course support from your Tutor
  • 2 Skype calls with your Mentor
  • A personalized video review from your Mentor
  • Access to our community of UX learners


1. Who is the course for?

Our courses have been designed to be easily understood by anyone from complete beginners through to developers and designers looking for new skills.

2. What will I have by the end of the course?

By the end of UX Fundamentals you will have a solid understanding of UX design, key skills for the job and a project you can add to your professional portfolio.

3. Where can I study?

You can study anywhere in the world with a computer and internet connection.

Interested in traveling the world while taking the course? Check out our travel & learn program with The Remote Experience here.

4. How long will it take?

UX Fundamentals is designed to take one month at a rate of 15 hours per week. If you need it, we do allow a 1-month extension, including Mentor time, at no extra cost. If you wish to complete the course in under one month, you may do so simply by increasing the number of hours you put in.

5. What do I need to start?

All you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi. All of the software you need will be available as free trials which will be valid throughout the course.

6. Is the course content practical?

Yes. The course is based on a practical, project-based learning format. You will learn the essential skills that align with what employers look for.

7. Does my background or age matter?

We have trained people from all walks of life. From taxi drivers to accountants, they have all become successful UX designers. The course requires no previous experience, and there are no age restrictions.

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From questions about studying UX design, to personalized career advice, we're here to help.

Enter your details and we'll email you to discuss how we can get you to where you want to be.

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