Intro to UI Design Course

Learn the essentials
of the UI design process in 1 month
Study flexibly
at a pace of 15-20 hours per week
Design your first app designs
guided by your mentor and tutor

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Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a UI designer”

Alana, Senior Career Advisor

Want to know if UI design is right for you?

Find out with a free 6-day email short course.

Curious about this course?

Contact us to find out if it’s right for you

Career Advisor

“How would you like to get in touch?”

“I’m here to help you become a UI designer”

Alana, Senior Career Advisor

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Intro to UI Design details

In this course, you will

Discover the entire UI design process, from concept to delivery.

Learn how to use color, imagery, and typography to take user interfaces to the next level.

Apply core UI skills, such as pixel precision and visual hierarchy, as you create your very first app design.

Work 1:1 with an expert mentor and tutor, who'll provide you with personalized feedback, and invaluable insights into life as a UI designer.

Join an active community of over 3,000 students, alumni, mentors, and career specialists, and get access to exclusive UI design events and webinars.


Fully online

Study for 15-20 hours per week for one month

Personalized mentorship

Our design mentors are rated 4.93/5 from over 4,000 reviews

Outcome oriented

Deliver your first app designs and get your first certificate in UI

Why learn UI design?

UI design skills are in huge demand

Discover the methods and tools you need to deliver elegant solutions to real problems by crafting beautiful, functional design.

Learn to communicate through design

Design can make or break a business. A well-designed interface draws in visitors, retains customers, and amplifies a brand.

Boost your career with UI design skills

By getting to grips with industry standard tools like Sketch and Adobe XD, you'll have the skills you need to create anything from marketing assets to app interfaces.

Why choose a CareerFoundry intro course?

Work with your very own course tutor and mentor

You'll enjoy a truly collaborative online learning experience, with tailored written and video feedback on everything you do from experts who work in your new field day in, day out.

Get the perfect balance of theory and practice

From day one, you'll put your newfound knowledge of UI design into practice as you work towards delivering your first app design.

Love UI? Then become a UI designer, guaranteed

There's a good chance you'll fall in love with UI. If you do, we'd love you to stick around for our full career change UI Design Program, which is backed up by a job guarantee. Find out more here.

A very positive experience. Student advisors, tutors, mentors and fellow students respect each other and are very supportive and helpful. The lessons are interesting and suitable for people with or without previous knowledge.

CareerFoundry Student

Meet your new team

Our dual mentorship model pairs you with not one, but two industry experts—your mentor and your course tutor. They're at the top of their game in UI design and work in tandem to inspire you to exceed your expectations, providing individualized feedback and guidance as you work towards delivering your first UI design project.

Your mentor

is a senior UI designer dedicated to training the next generation of UI and visual designers.

Your mentor will be there to give you feedback on your portfolio project.

Your tutor

is a practicing UI designer who knows the course material inside-out.

Your tutor will be giving you timely feedback on all your submissions.

Our mentors and tutors haven’t just made a name for themselves at top companies in the industry—they've helped shape it.

A project-based curriculum that gets you thinking like a UI designer.

Learn the essential principles and key skills that make UI designers so valuable as you design your first app interface entirely from scratch.

Created by experienced instructional designers, authored by industry experts, and kept up-to-date by course editors, our curriculum will serve as the foundation of your learning experience.

What Is UI?

What is UI design? What are the typical responsibilities of a UI designer? And what's the difference between a UI and a UX designer?

Introduction to Design Tools

Decide whether you'd like to use Sketch or Adobe XD as your tool of choice. Get a thorough overview of how to navigate your chosen tool, and its basic functions.

Working with Layers & Shapes

Learn how to create basic shapes in Adobe XD or Sketch, and use these shapes and layers to create the first screens of your app design.

Point Types & Boolean Operations

Take your user interface to the next level with fills, borders, and symbols. Look at Layer Styles and Symbols.

Visual Design Basics

Master the fundamentals of visual design by adding stylistic attributes, such as color, images, and shadow to make your app visually appealing.

Working with Text

Lean how to create typographic hierarchy as you explore how to style and format Text Layers in Sketch/Adobe XD.

Advanced Tool Functions

Explore the different types of grids and masks you can use with Sketch/Adobe XD as a UI designer, and create a layout for your app icons.

Pixel Precision

Apply the principles of pixel precision to create pixel perfect UI elements that look polished and professional.

Previewing Your Work

Understand the importance of periodically previewing your work in the context it will be used. Learn how to preview your work by using different design preview tools.

Preparing Your Work for Handoff

Prototype your design in InVision, and get to know the process of preparing your design work for handoff to the developers.

Your first step to becoming a UI designer

If you fall in love with UI design during this course, you can move seamlessly onto our career-change UI Design Program.

Portfolio Projects

Review a selection of some of the work our UI design students have completed in recent months.


Intro to UI Design

Receive a tuition credit of if you decide to upgrade to the complete, career-change UI Design Program.
  • Learn through our comprehensive, project-based curriculum
  • Receive regular, personalized feedback from your course tutor
  • Deliver the interface design for your first app, which will form the basis of your professional portfolio
  • Get an in-depth review of your portfolio project from your mentor on a video call
  • Gain exclusive access to our global community—plus events and webinars
  • Upgrade to the full UI Design Program and become a qualified, job-ready UI designer


1.    Who is the course for?

Our courses have been designed to be easily understood by anyone—complete beginners included! Whether you want to start a career as a UI designer or just want to enhance your UI skills, this course provides a beginner-friendly starting point.

2.    What will I have by the end of the course?

By the end of Intro to UI Design you will have a solid understanding of UI design, key skills for the job and a project you can add to your professional portfolio.

3.    How long will it take?

Intro to UI Design will take one month to complete if you study for 15-20 hours per week. If you need it, we do allow a 1-month extension, including mentor time, at no extra cost. If you wish to complete the course in under one month, you may do so simply by increasing the number of hours you put in.

4.    What do I need to get started?

All you need is a laptop and wi-fi. All of the software you need will be available as free trials which will be valid throughout the course.

5.    Is the course content practical?

Yes. The course is based on a practical, project-based learning format. You will learn the essential skills that align with what employers look for.

6.    Does my background or age matter?

We have trained people from all walks of life. From taxi drivers to accountants, they have all become successful UI designers. The course requires no previous experience, and there are no age restrictions.

7.    Do I get a certificate at the end?

You will receive a CareerFoundry certificate on completion of your course.

8.    Is the course 100% online?

Yes, the course is entirely online. You’ll get access to our active student community on Slack and, after the course, you’ll have access to  a global network of other ambitious alumni and mentors to support you.

9.    What does ZFU-approved mean?

The ZFU, or Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht, is the state body for distance learning in Germany. In order to offer our Intro to UI Design Course publicly, it must undergo a rigorous quality assurance and certification process. On successful completion of this process, the program is assigned a unique approval number (7387721) which can be checked against a public register.


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