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Of eligible graduates get a job in tech within 180 days of completing their program.

Is the average salary increase reported by graduates in their new jobs.

Is the average amount of time it takes our students to find a job after graduating.

Job guarantee

We understand that changing careers is a big step. Our career-change programs for beginners come with a guarantee: you’ll get a job within 6 months of graduating, or we’ll refund your full tuition.

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Career Services

Halfway through the career-change programs, a dedicated career specialist steps in to work with each student on a tailor-made job-search strategy—covering everything from cover letter-writing and interview prep to identifying suitable opportunities and creating a personal brand.

How graduates find their new jobs

Our graduates now work at…

Google, Apple, Paypal, Ebay, Facebook etc

Graduates' Stories and Portfolio projects

Read about our graduates' personal experiences both on and after the graduation, and view their portfolio projects.

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Portfolio projects

A day in the life of a CareerFoundry graduate

Meet Ryan Wu, a former content manager who became a UX designer. In this video, he gives us a behind‑the‑scenes look at his life as a UX designer.

Our students are diverse and connected

We are proud of the diversity of our students and believe that anyone who is committed to learning can succeed in a tech career.

You’ll find CareerFoundry students from different backgrounds, supporting and inspiring each other, all with one common goal: to get a career they love.

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Education level

Previous experience

Our students range from complete beginners to more experienced designers and developers who want to advance in their careers. Whatever your background, you are in good company.
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Study time commitment

Whether you are working a fulltime job, holding down a few freelance jobs, or taking care of your kids—or doing all three—our programs can accommodate your needs.

Graduates’ new job titles

Our graduates end up with different job titles that reflect their various interests, backgrounds, and the opportunities available. Some have previous experience that qualifies them for senior roles immediately, while others may start at a paid internship before securing a junior position.
UX designer UI designer Product designer UX researcher Project manager Front-end developer Visual designer Web developer UI/UX designer Interaction designer UX Consultant

What people are saying about CareerFoundry

Verified graduate reviews

Read what CareerFoundry graduates have to say from third-party review sites CourseReport and Switchup.

Become a UI designer
UI Design: The Best Decision

Only one month after finishing the UI Design course, I landed a job as a Junior UX/UI Designer in Berlin. Having crossed paths with CareerFoundry (CF) was the best decision in my Professional Career.... [Read More]

Julian Perez
Become a UX designer
Intense but Rewarding

I have finished the UX Immersion course and want to share with you about the experience. I have only heard about UX design about a year ago, by accident. When I started the course I was totally clueless about design, technology or business. I guess I just needed to learn something new as even if my work was very rewarding I was feeling kind of stuck and without growing a lot.... [Read More]

Become a UX designer
Enjoyable and Helpful

I'm just over half way through the UX Design course and I am thoroughly enjoying my experience. The coursework is a great combination of readings and practical assignments, which I find very conducive to learning, and it is so rewarding to see my portfolio coming together.... [Read More]

Become a UX designer
UX Design + Frontend for Designers

I've just completed my UX Design course and I'm now doing the Specialization course. Although I had a hard time towards the middle of the course due to several reasons, I was able to get the help I needed. More specifically, the co-founder Martin reached out to me personally and offered to help me solve my issue.... [Read More]

Become a UI designer
UI Design

Wanted to say how good an experience I had with Career Foundry. I took some convincing to try something new, but after a lot of research I'm so glad I chose this particular course. The curriculum was laid out in logical steps, starting with learning the software, building your knowledge of design theory and UI/UX, then ended with a strong emphasis on building a professional portfolio.... [Read More]

Chris R
Become a UX designer
UX Design with CareerFoundry

I did the CareerFoundry Certified UX Design course. It's been an amazing opportunity for me to go for a career change whilst working in my current role and company. My employer has been very supportive of my choice, which was a bonus.... [Read More]

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