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Invest in your teams with mentored, online courses for the most in-demand digital skills including User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Voice User Interface Design, and Software Development.

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Workshops and presentations

Book us for a workshop or speaking slot on UX, digitalization, the new world of work, voice technology, or the future of education.

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UX Strat --- HR Tech World --- UX Alive --- Digital Elite conference --- ASUGSV Summit --- Fidelity Institutional Partners Summit --- Digital Summit --- EdTech Europe --- Zermatter Forum

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Flexibly-paced, part-time courses with expert mentorship to fast-track your team’s skill development

For Professionals

Recommended completion time: 8 weeks part-time


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Voice User Interface Design

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UI for UX Designers


Frontend Development for

For Beginners

Recommended completion time: 6-10 months part-time


UX Fundamentals


Certified UX Designer


UI Design


Full Stack Development

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