What to expect from a call with us

The call is an opportunity to find out about career change, learning UI design, and if our UI Design Program is right for you. This is a great chance to discuss your personal career goals and determine what your next steps might be. 

We expect advising calls to last about 30 minutes, but if you’re short on time, that’s not a problem—we’ll simply adjust the call duration to fit your schedule. This is a great opportunity to discuss your personal career goals and determine what your next steps might be.

You will also find out:

  • Whether UI design is the best career fit for you based on your background and interests, or if there’s ad more suitable path we’d recommend
  • What UI salaries and job opportunities to expect where you live
  • Our Job Guarantee and payment plans, as well as the flexible nature of taking an online program, where it’s possible to expand your skills and further your career while tending to your family, job, and other commitments

Note: We have 25-30 people in touch with our Career Advisors every day, so our calendar fills up pretty quickly! Book your call now to secure your preferred time slot.

“I appreciated the time the advisor took to talk about the UI Design Program and talk about my personal goals, and how they fit into the program. It definitely gave me a jump start in advancing my career. Even if I don’t choose CareerFoundry, I’m grateful for the time and attention I’ve received from everyone there. I definitely have a positive feeling about the program and the expertise of the people I’ve spoken with.” —Jess, Prospective Student

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