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  • Start practicing essential coding skills.
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Why learn frontend development as a designer?

In a booming tech industry, the demand for multiskilled UX designers is only increasing.

Gain the technical know-how needed to bring your creative ideas to life.

Collaborate with developers better by understanding testing and debugging fully.

Set yourself apart

"With a foot in both camps and the ability to speak to both in their own terms, UX/UI Developers can be invaluable conduits between engineering teams and the more 'traditional' usability roles, such as interaction designers, visual designers." - Calum Benson, Principal UX Designer, Oracle Corp


1. What languages, frameworks, and tools will I use?

You’ll work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Atom and GitHub.

2. Why study with CareerFoundry?

We have successfully helped thousands of students from all different backgrounds become designers who can code. The graduates from our mentored (paid) courses now work at companies like Google, Apple, and more.

3. I'm very busy—can I still learn to code?

This free short course takes about 15 minutes a day for 7 days. If you decide later on that you want a full course, our mentored Frontend Development Course takes 15 hours a week for 8 weeks.

Frontend Dev Short Course reviews

It was great! Just detailed enough to get me interested and make me want to visit every link, but not so long that it felt overwhelming.

I enjoyed it! It gave me a more real-life experience than just a classroom experience.

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