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Imagine you had a clear step-by-step path to follow to become a UX designer.


Maybe you are a complete beginner who wants a fulfilling new career. Maybe you are a developer looking to venture into the world of design in order to become full-stack, or perhaps you’re a designer looking to upskill in order to take your current skillset to the next level. If you identify with any of the above, you’re in the right place. 

Learn all the skills you need to become a job-ready UX designer


UX Fundamentals

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Designing Like a UXer: Go through the building blocks of the entire UX design process while completing your very first app.

Paper wireframes at the early stage of a UX design project

UX Immersion

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Thinking Like a UXer: Study user-centered design and the Design Thinking process as you learn how to approach your users and their problems.

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Understanding the User: Get inside the heads of your users via UX techniques and create your own personas, mental models and user flows.

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Foundational Design: Navigate the ins and outs of information architecture and build your first wireframes and prototypes.

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Usability Testing: Put your designs to the test in front of real users.

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Refining the Design: Sharpen your eye for aesthetics and jazz up your designs with tried-and-tested UI fundamentals.

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End-to-End Design: Polish your design and whip up a killer portfolio that shows off your personal brand to the world.

A prototype app for mobile in the UX design course


  • Residency in Germany
  • You're unemployed, or facing the possibility of unemployment
  • Availability to work on the course for just over 5 months full-time
  • B1.2 level in written and spoken English
  • A computer (Mac or PC)
  • An internet connection
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Quotation Mark
Alun Lennon

"I found the curriculum excellent. Even from before the course itself began, I found the course prep section really helpful. I really liked that there was a great balance between theory and practical applications and really have to congratulate on the structure of the course, building as it does from an intro to the tools and moving onward on each task to more complex themes. I found the platform really easy to use, intuitive and nicely designed."

Build an impressive portfolio

You’ll have the opportunity to add two new projects to your portfolio as part of our UX Design course—one for each course segment. Each of the projects that you’ll complete during the course will provide you with a rich array of portfolio pieces to showcase to potential employers. These include everything from user personas to your first pencil wireframe sketches, usability testing plans, and final, polished, high-fidelity designs.

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Learn the tools you’ll use as a UX designer

We make sure students gain experience with best-practice tools, but our UX Design course is more than just technical tutorials — it's teaching you how to think, see, act and work like a designer.

CareerFoundry also has deals with many of the industry’s top software providers, meaning you’ll have access to discounts and free trials for industry-standard tools such as: Sketch, InVision, Balsamiq, Prott, Principle, Flinto, Proto.io and more!

The UX design software and tools you will use The UX design software and tools you will use

Study at the perfect pace for you

Learn how to pace yourself throughout the UX design course Learn how to pace yourself throughout the UX design course

Learn online

There are no live tutorials or webinars, and you’re not required to be online at specific times. You'll have access to the course material in written form along with supplementary videos, and you'll work through the lessons in your own time, with your Tutor and Mentor reviewing them as you go.

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Work towards project milestones

Your daily/weekly schedule may differ during the course due to the variety of your coursework and your other commitments. While the course is flexibly paced, you’ll still have a 5-month or 10-month deadline (depending on your pace) with interim milestones to keep you on track.

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Get support & accountability

From extensive research, we know that the key to doing well is submitting tasks regularly and on time. We'll help you stay focused by providing you with a course progress and  meter, as well as regular check-ins from your dedicated Student Advisor. If you need to take a break for vacation or sick days, this can be discussed with your Student Advisor—they're always there to help!

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Quotation Mark
Rachel Abrams, Alumni

"I liked that my mentor provided the type of pushback that a supervisor in a real job would when reviewing my work. He held me to a high standard because he could see my potential."

Meet your dedicated team



A Mentor is a senior UX designer with  5-8 years of experience in the field. They’ll conduct detailed video reviews of each portfolio piece you complete throughout the course. You can schedule as many calls as you want with your Mentor via our platform's built-in calendar tool, ensuring you get support when you need it.

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Tony, one of our Mentors

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A Tutor is a course expert who is there to answer your questions on a day-to-day basis. They will also provide actionable, written feedback on your assignments within 24 hours.


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Maysoon, one of our Tutors

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Student Advisor


Your Student Advisor ensures you have the best possible course experience. Ask them about your overall timeline, billing, or getting general help.


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Career Specialist


Once you are halfway through the course, your Career Specialist will step in to help you devise a job-search strategy. With their expert guidance, you’ll refine both your resumé and portfolio, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and prepare for job interviews.


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You’ll join a highly motivated and supportive community of fellow CareerFoundry UX design students. You will be able to get in contact with other students from your area while gaining a global network of future UX designers.


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Quotation Mark
Ryan Yang, Alumni

"I think one of the most important parts of the CF program is the unified community of like-minded individuals all in the middle of bettering themselves and working on their own career change. It creates this social web of support where anyone can reach out at any time for help. I started out new and overwhelmed at first, but seeing how supportive everyone was then and now is definitely something that I really appreciate. I’ve made a lot of tangible connections and friends with current students and past alumni this way and see tremendous value in it."

Find out if the course is right for you

Take the free 6-day UX Design Short Course to get started, or get in touch with our program advisors for a free consultation. You’ll learn:

  • How you can go from beginner to a UX designer with a job you love
  • What the UX job market is like in your area and the salary you can expect
  • If UX design is the best fit for you based on your background and interests

Don’t worry—you won’t be pressured into making a commitment. The goal is to ensure you make a fully informed decision.

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