Why become a UX designer?


Imagine being passionate about your job, using your creativity, working on interesting projects, and earning a high salary.


Maybe you are bored at your current job. Maybe you feel stuck with no room to grow, or perhaps you wish you had the option to work remotely or even freelance. If any of these sound like you, it may be time to make a change.


UX designers are curious about human behavior and design

UX intersects psychology, design, research, technology, and business— making it a powerful and creative way to solve real-world problems that affect real people.



As a UX designer, you’ll work with a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and marketers to realize your projects.



UX designer was rated in Career Karma's top 25 tech jobs in 2021.

UX designers come from different backgrounds

While many UX designers come from a career in graphic or product design, we have found that anyone can become a successful UX designer if they apply themselves. For example, we have many successful graduates who used to work in marketing, sales, teaching, customer service, finance, architecture, HR, IT, and art.



Whatever your background, it’s highly likely that you have transferable skills which can be applied to UX design. Your dedicated Career Specialist will help you to identify these skills.



2021 study by Career Karma found that companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are some of the largest employers of bootcamp graduates—and that they hired up to 120% more bootcamps graduates than they did in 2019!

UX designers are in high demand

Employers struggle to find qualified UX designers and the demand keeps growing, which is reflected in the salaries.  The average UX designer salaries in the United States range from $59,000 to $128,000 per year, depending on location and seniority.


UX designers are constantly evolving


The technology industry moves quickly, and UX designers are constantly learning and advancing in their careers.



There is practically no limit to how much you can improve your skills and progress in your career as a UX designer.



UX designers are in high demand around the world, and CNN Money predicts this demand to grow by 18% from 2015-2025.

According to a survey conducted by Adobe, 87% of hiring managers said that getting more UX design talent on board is the number one priority for their organization. 


UX designers can work in many types of companies

As a UX designer, you have the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporates, or even freelance. You may even be able to work remotely from anywhere in the world.


UX designers can specialize


Tech keeps changing and there are endless ways to specialize within UX in order to do what you are good at and most passionate about.

  • UX research
  • Voice design
  • IA (Information Architecture)
  • Interaction design
Quotation Mark
Kevin Anthony Rice, Alumni

"The ability to create amazing products is the number one reason why I love my [new] job. It also helps that I have the freedom to be creative, work with great people, and see my designs come to life."


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